Learn Harmonica Chords, C Major

Our Harmonica notes series continues. C Harmonica Notes is already up but we can”t forget about C harmonica chords. I’m starting to notice a pattern here but I am going to have to do some research to make sure. While the blow chords are all in the key of the harmonica, the draw chords start with the 2 hole draw, the second chord is the 5 hole draw and the last 2 repeat the first 2. Which is fine for the fourth chord because the it starts with the note that the chord is. What’s messing with me is the 3rd chord. The key of the third chord does not have its note in it.

I guess I’ll figure it out. At any rate, here’s the C harmonica chords.

C Harmonica Chords
C Harmonica Chords

I’m going to look around for some good songs in the Key of C to post up so we can practice. Let me know what you think and if you have any songs or information about the good old basic C harmonica, feel free to let me know. Oh, and if you don’t have one, a Blues Harp in the Key of C is a nice harp to practice those chords on.

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  1. Catfish we have much in common Ive been practicing for 1-2yrs same as y. Im at the intermediate stages in harmonica, your website will be a good refresher for me about cords c major, Now i asking myself hey i would like to know how to put this all together and get harping. Thats one of the reasons i stooped at your site .. I’ll learn more as time goes im sure. I’ve had lots of lessons with Adam and Jason.. they been so helpful. I’m following you 21 harmonica now.


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