Introduction to Harmonica Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to Harmonica Notes. At the time of this writing I have been playing the harmonica for about three weeks. Watch out, I don’t promise any magical Blues harp playing here, I’m just learning. Let me know what you think and if you have any tricks I can check out to get better and practice post them up.

2 Replies to “Introduction to Harmonica Notes”

  1. Very good site Thanks I fine myself picking up the harp now and then I have and can blow song blues when I do I feel so good so alive sometime I ask is that me whaling out the blues. I went to Yellow Pine ID for a harmonica fest look it up it was a grand time met some fine folk, good playing all weekend.
    keep it up and wet.

    1. Loved your stressing the word IT’S bferoe the Liberty Bell March comes on. I’ve been a Monty Python fan since I was little, and appreciated the nod. I’ve also been having a blast with all of your lessons. Thanks for sharing everything!

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